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Plasser & Theurer RM 80 UHR
Plasser & Theurer RM 80 UHR



Ballast cleaning machine for switches, crossings and plain track

* Excellent view during transfer with a driver's control desk in both front and rear cabin
* Additional regulation of ballast flow in the screening unit thanks to hydraulic adjustable baffles
* Optimised three-tier screening unit with separation of oversized stones, remaining spoil less than 3% in the cleaned ballast
* Plough grader after ballast return
* Uniform distribution of the cleaned ballast across the required ballast width thanks to automatic slewing ballast distributing conveyor belts
* Horizontal positioning of screening unit in superelevation
* Reduction of noise and dust emission by covering the lateral chain guides
* Filling ballast underneath the sleepers by trajectory parabola set for ballast return
* Guided excavating chain produces an exactly sloping, straight subgrade
* Efficient 5-finger scraper chain
* Soundproofed cabins for high working comfort
* Spoil loading or lateral discharge at the front in the area of ballast not yet cleaned
* Control of excavating depth using laser guarantees exact longitudinal level
* Foldaway spoil conveyor belt means that no match wagon is required
* Switch over to total excavation in seconds by hydraulic actuation of a flap
* Hydraulic cutter bar locking
* Regulation of ballast thickness by dividing the return flow of ballast as required via distributing conveyorbelts and/or direct from the screening unit
* No hindrance of the subsequent track work, as spoil handling systems are at the front
* Safe flow of material thanks to through-shaped conveyor belts
* Lifting and slewing device close to the excavating chain
* Trackbound ballast cleaning in switches and crossings, extension of the excavating width up to 7.7 m
* Operating reliability thanks to fully hydraulic drive
* Compact single-frame machine
* Tested and proven design, having operated in 17 countries
* Wheelset material as per UIC
* Powerful drive on 4 axles, high traction forces during work and transfer travel
* Two high capacity diesel engines
* Measuring devices for excavating depth and angle of cutter bar (= subgrade crossfall)
* Automatic control for excavating and subgrade crossfall
* Automatic control of height for grading unit
* Quality control by electronic recorder for 6 parameters:
a) excavating depth
b) subgrade crossfall
c) superelevation of the track before cleaning
d) superelevation of the cleaned track
e) track lowering
f) twist of the cleaned track

Technical Data


Length over buffers: 31 800 mm
Width (for transfer): 3 150 mm
Height over top of rail: 4 250 mm
Distance between bogie pivots: 23 000 mm
Distance bogie pivot - single axle: 2 900 mm
Bogie wheelbase: 1 830 mm
Wheel diameter:
- of bogies: 900 mm
- of single axles: 700 mm
Gauge: 1 435 - 1 676 mm
Total mass, depending on equipment: 92-98 t
Axle loads per wheelset: max. 20 t
Total engine output: 696 kW (946 HP)
Travelling Speeds during transfer:
Under own power/towed: 80/100 km/h
Excavating width (other widths on request): 4 000 mm
max. excavating width when cleaning switches and crossings: 7 700 mm
max. excavating depth below top of rail: 1 000 mm
Height of excavating chain: 280 mm
Chain drive output: 320 kW
Railway is my way!

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